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Quiet (Photo credit: elycefeliz)

There’s something about funerals that turns one introspective.

Not unexpectedly: the reminder of how brief this life really is perhaps should give us pause to consider our paths.

When one says goodbye (for now) to someone who has touched so many of the lives around them, it’s hard not to evaluate the net impact of one’s own life. Continue reading “Introspection”


The choices we make: what we tell ourselves

Cover of "The Art of Choosing"
Cover of The Art of Choosing. A really interesting book. Definitely consider giving it a read.

My sister often tells our her girls that life is a series of choices and their consequences: good choices lead to good consequences, and bad choices lead to bad consequences.  While they are little, those connecting lines are easy to draw. Continue reading “The choices we make: what we tell ourselves”

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Self-absorption disorder

An anxious person
An anxious person (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Just watching this makes me feel twitchy.

I don’t have social anxiety disorder. I know this, because I looked it up.

I looked it up, because there are nights where the laying-in-bed-torturing-myself-about-the-interactions-of-the-day is almost enough to Continue reading “Self-absorption disorder”