But that might be cheating

WordPress has highlighted Project 365 for 2012. (For the new arrival and uninitiated: last year the big thing was PostADay2011 or PostAWeek2011. Which worked out great until the year ended and now that’s my number one tag even though its sort of meaningless. Hmm.)

So this year the big thing is “Project 365” (which may have been inspired by this page).  

The WordPress approach seems to be suggesting that participants either start a blog with a one-year theme or apply a theme to your existing blog for the year. Or, you know. That sort of thing.

That’s good. I get that. “Successful” blogs have themes.

But, um.

My blog theme, if my blog has a theme, is exactly what I call it: Semi-Random Flotsam.  Which seems like the antithesis of “Project 365.”   I mean, I could call it “365 Days of Flotsam” but that seems like it’s cheating on the whole principle.

(As opposed to cheating on the Principal. Which is something only the principal’s Significant Other can do, but really shouldn’t.  This is strictly hypothetical. No actual Principals were harmed in the making of this blog.)

See? That’s pretty flotsamy. And probably more than semi-random.

This also might be cheating on the Project 365 principle in that it’s not like my flotsam is likely to draw to a close after 365 days, or the end of 2012, or whatever. It’s pretty much likely to go on, maybe not necessarily here, but nevertheless it’s likely to continue in some form or another as long as I do. And I have not been notified of my specific expiration date. 

What if the Plan is that I have less than 365 days? I’d hate to make a promise I can’t deliver on! 

And will some future, perfect, heavenly version of me still be flotsamy, I wonder? Or will that be one of the things that gets perfected right out of me?

Hmm. I guess I need to think a little more about this.
Or a lot less.
But definitely one of those.

4 thoughts on “But that might be cheating”

  1. I vote for “a lot less.” No offense, of course!

    I had/have the perfect idea for a Project 365 blog, but I’m very anal so I’m afraid it’s going to have to wait until January 1, 2013. Provided I haven’t expired by then myself (or the Mayans weren’t right all along).


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