Work, housework, games and visitors

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It is far too busy a time of year for me to be feeling this lethargic; far too early in the year to be this tired. But lethargic and tired are mostly what I am, as I flit from one project to another and feel like I make no progress on any of them. All due, hmm, let’s see. Tomorrow, more or less.

New topic needed:

Recent round of Bananagrams solitaire

The Ladies are coming on Saturday. Or some of them. So today I needed to take a good hard look at my apartment. I vacuumed yesterday so the floors are half decent, but the way I shed I’ll need to do it again tomorrow. The kitchen is fine. Needed to get the Bananagrams game (fun!) off my dining room table and declutter the papers that accumulate from one round of incoming mail to the next.

That leaves the living room and the bathroom. Bathroom will wait to morning-of mostly because I don’t let it get so gross that I need to bunch up about it, but cleaning any sooner will be a fail because, again, I shed like a dog and the floor will be covered as soon as I finish, let alone another day out.

Hmm. So that leaves me with tidying the living room and to pick up a few hostess supplies… creamer and the like.

Yech. I just blogged about housework. That seems a little more flotsamy than any of us would have liked.

Anyway, I haven’t had the ladies over in a while. I’ve missed them. So added to the long-awaited arrival of the weekend (a joy in itself), the Second Beautiful Niece’s birthday, AND a three-day holiday weekend… it’s just one more reason to be really excited to see the weekend come.

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