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Chicken soup for the sick blogger

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Are my lips this dry because it’s this time of year, or because all the fluids in my body are being repurposed to run out my nose?

Yeah. Ick.

So today has been all about the making of the soup. Chicken and dumpling soup, to be exact.

My homemade soup. Yummy.

What’s in it:
2 boxes of chicken broth, 1 package of onion soup mix (onions later skimmed out, after the flavor worked in), chicken bouillon, water, several handfuls of baby carrots, sliced, 4 chicken breasts, cooked in the broth and then shredded and returned to the pot. Then I used this recipe for the dumplings (because I really like the ones from Bisquick, but I was all out). These were good, but they dissolved more than desired in the cooking.

Still: tasty. I am just sure I’m going to be better any minute now.

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