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6 days in… already recapping.

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What did I do this week? Hmm. Don’t you hate when you can’t remember stuff like that?  Must be time for me to recap things.

Let’s see if I can come up with three wins this week…

  • As I recently mentioned, I baked my first bread. And from scratch, too. Whole wheat. Tasty and pseudo-nutritious. Of course, I don’t really need bread in the house. I mean… I really don’t need bread in the house…
  • I revisited my long-neglected workout routine. Light weights on M-W-F, and aerobics on the other days. OK, I’ll grant you that it’s not even been 1 full week. But still, it feels good to be moving. Or at least it doesn’t feel too bad to be moving. Kind of that perfect balance where I don’t totally loathe doing it, but I don’t love it just enough that it makes me make better dietary choices. Because I’d hate to replace all those calories I burned too quickly. You know, like by eating all that bread…
  • I got my first photography assignment in the mail. FINALLY. Just when I thought I would never make any progress. It’s only taken me months. So… yay!  Next up… I have to figure out what I did with second set of materials. (I’m sure they’re here somewhere…)

But, since every silver lining has a cloud, here’s the downers for the week…

  • I have a cold. My head feels muddy and muddled. I fondly remember the long-lost halcyon days when I took things like “breathing” for granted.
  • My performance self-review is due on Monday. I hate doing self-reviews, and I’m (a) too swamped at work right now to give it much thought and (b) too sick to think clearly about it anyway. I also have a dentist appointment for Monday. (Sounds like Monday will be a big BAG of fun, right?)
  • There’s something else that’s (warning: understatement ahead) not-so great going on, but it’s not my thing to tell about. That belongs to the boy. So that’s all I’m-a-say about that.

And now the cold meds have kicked in, so anything hereafter will just be even more of a flotsam hodgepodge. So, off to bed with me. Talk to y’all later.

3 thoughts on “6 days in… already recapping.”

  1. I take Proancynol at a low dose every day (1 pill a day) and I seriously am never sick. When I used to get sick I’d take the regular dosage (2 pills per day) and it would knock out the sickness in 2 days. Even if you can’t get it in time to help this one, you’ll have it for next time around. Peace! Feel better.


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