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Wow… look what I did

Well, there’s a first time for everything. And I am all about the adventure. So how cool is it that I’ve managed to squeeze a “first” into 2012 … and it’s still the first week!

Microsoft Clipart Image

OK, maybe it’s not that “cool” exactly but it’s a first and that counts for something.

I’ve never baked my own bread before, but some of my girlfriends do and I’ve been meaning to try. So I tried. I learned a little ahead (from a prior failed-and-abandoned attempt) about making sure the yeast is active. And I came across this No-Knead Bread recipe posted on the New York Times. I modified to it use 1/2 whole wheat flour. And who knew, the dutch oven my mom gave me last year totally works for making bread.

In summary, yeah man, here is the result:

My first bread. Crusty outside. Soft inside. Total win.

5 thoughts on “Wow… look what I did”

  1. We had a lot of problems with making a good wheat flour bread. Gonna try this one (after four failed attempts and throwing in the towel).


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