52 thoughts, flotsam

52 thoughts

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For Christmas, my sister gave me 52 thoughts.

Thoughts. Sentiments. Memories. Funnies. Sometimes they’re from her. She says that sometimes they’re from her husband, or the girls, and that occasionally there’s a quote from a comedian that tickled her and she thought might tickle me. (Apparently one gets to about 36 things of ones own and starts to run thin. I’m pretty sure I had the same issue a few years back when I wanted to do the same thing for her.)

There’s fifty-two of them. One for every week in 2012.

I’m not sure I will share them all with you here.  Just because I don’t know what they all say. And I don’t know how my sister would feel about me sharing them. And it feels a little squidgy and maybe even conceited to post that my sister thinks I’m talented. I mean, wow.

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Fooled you, Sis!

Just kidding. Thanks, sweetie.

For the record, my sister is talented. She has a beautiful singing voice and the most wonderful imagination. (I hear you making up songs and stories for the girls… I stand in awe.) Not to mention she makes the Mom thing look easy a lot of the time, even though I totally know it’s not.

So, dear readers, I take my inspiration for the day from my sister (as I often do) and put it to you:
Who in your life is talented, and have you ever told them so?

(Other than ourselves, of course. This was not a fishing expedition on my part, and your own brilliance is a given. Hey, I’ve been reading your blogs, so I should know!)

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