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What you can’t do

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The year is winding down, and your SeND is in full swing. You really, really just want to reach out to that person you’ve lost touch with. Just to say Hi. Just to ask how they’ve been. Just to wish them a happy new year…

Of course, you have to time it right, if you’re going to do it. You know – because you’ve received them yourself (once even from a guy who had theretofore seemingly made it very clear he was not interested) –- that the note received just as the new year turns over reads less like “I was just thinking of you and hope you’re well” and more like “everyone was kissing each other and that made me think of you.”

Which is not the message you’re trying to send, at all.

So, timing here is very important.  Obviously if you’re going to reach out, it needs to be before the new year…

But as it turns out, the missing of the person and the questions you’d like to ask them does not necessarily translate into an actual message.  You don’t know what to say. And you realize that you’re overthinking it, and that after all it may just be the time of year, a mood that will pass. You will sleep on it…

And sometime in the wee hours of the morning, an email arrives from someone you haven’t talked to in a couple of years. From a guy you broke things off with. And it’s light and friendly, until the “are you still single” tacked on the end takes it right back to awkward.

Even though you know that’s not the timbre or intent of what you’d have wanted to ask the person you’re missing, the inbound email makes you realize that there is no timing, at this time of year, that will make contact anything but weird.

So you just can’t contact them right now. Not until after the new year is well underway. Maybe even until Februar—

Oh, right. Valentine’s Day. Hmm. Well, there’s always Spring.

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