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Oh, right. I forgot to tell you that part

As I was leaving my parents’ house after Thanksgiving, I realized that I had left my travel kit in the upstairs bathroom. You know, the kit. The one with the whole kit-and-kaboodle that one needs when one travels. The travel toothbrush, the spare hairbrush, and all the assorted needs in convenient travel sized packages…

It was upstairs. I had packed up everything downstairs, but had left that stuff upstairs, uncharacteristically having forgotten to do a walk-through.

Well, it’s Mom & Dad’s place, you know. It’s not like a hotel. Things left behind don’t vanish forever. It’s more a question of, “Will I need this item before I come back again?”

Still, I realized I had not packed that stuff just before I walked out the door. I stopped and considered, and realized that I would be home again in a few scant weeks for the holidays. Meh. I’ll leave it here. I won’t be needing it between now and then.

Famous last words.

Two weeks later the boy and I were talking, and we ended up making soft plans for us to both visit St. Augustine. (Actually we talked about my coming to Miami, but fares weren’t going to make that feasible by any stretch.)

And when it was all set up, I realized the ridiculous truth…

My travel kit was elsewhere, without me.

Oh well. Turns out I had everything I needed to create a very basic version of a travel kit. (Big surprise, right? To think that I might have travel-related items on hand? Whowouldathunk?)

So, off I went, as I may have mentioned in passing.

Highs in the 60s in St Augustine. Nice.

It was really nice – the weather was in the 60’s. We did a food tour (Savory Faire) through the city. Which was fun, but is a whole other story.

But for those who were counting… yes. I did see the boy. We had a nice visit, in a nice place. St. Augustine is really beautiful. And it was good to see him, and catch up a bit.

And of course, I was in a new place, which is always a win for me.

Then I flew north, and he drove south (took me less time to get home, surprisingly).

Sorry, I got so tied up in work stuff and holiday stuff that I’d forgotten to tell you about the travel stuff.


2 thoughts on “Oh, right. I forgot to tell you that part”

  1. New places are the best kinds of places. Unless you really enjoy certain old places, of course. Glad you spent some quality time with (insert italics since I’m commenting from my phone) the boy.


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