The Christmas card dilemma

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There are people who I love, don’t see as often as I’d like (or virtually ever), and feel absolutely no compuction about NOT sending a Christmas card.  I mean, seriously. I love them. They love me back. We both know this. But we get in touch with each other, or we don’t, all year long.  That is our mutual choice, but it does not define the feeling. Is a card in the mail really the make-or-break for our relationship? No, it isn’t. And if it is, shouldn’t we rethink the whole thing anyway?

There are people who I love, don’t see as often as I’d like (or virtually ever) and the idea of not sending a card to them feels like a hole in my heart. Which is probably to say, our relationship is so tenuous that the card really does feel like the make or break. And probably that I’m the one not willing to let it go. Maybe I need Christmas to give me an “excuse” for being in touch with them, so that it’s not weird.  And maybe I should let it go, if this is all that’s holding things together for us…

So, in point of fact there are people I can’t NOT send a card to. It would feel so very wrong.  Which means I have to rethink my whole not-sending strategy overall. (Sigh.)

Christmas cards are ridiculous in this day and age.

But… there it is, in my mailbox when I get home. Passing my card in the mail, comes a Christmas card from the other side of the world, and I know that my farthest-away friend and favorite poet, amateur photographer and sometime-domestic goddess has remembered me, just as I remembered her… though these things get culled from year to year, I still made her “send” list.

And the corporate card comes from one Great Man,  while mine to him is sitting addressed and posted and waiting to go in the mail (the mailbox run having been overlooked as I left for the weekend with my parents).  Even in the worst-case-scenario in which I was no more than a name on a list … still, I made that list. Effort was expended and hand-cramps were risked, in part for my benefit. This small gesture from him makes me smile.

And here, my friend’s now-grown daughter sends me a card – so unnecessary considering that I see them more often than most people I’ll get a card from this year – and the sweet message she’s written inside warms my heart. I am so touched.

Christmas cards are ridiculous in this day and age.  But they are the best kind of ridiculous, after all.

5 thoughts on “The Christmas card dilemma”

  1. Surprisingly, I found myself sending out more Christmas cards than usual this year. I had whittled my list down to about 15 or so, but it’s suddenly bounced back and grown. I’m not complaining – I agree, it’s a good kind of ridiculous!


    1. Good grief. I have to send more than 15 in just the aunts and uncles, not even counting cousins, friends, colleagues, etc.
      (Is it any wonder I wanted to shirk my Christmas Card duties for the year?)


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