The best gift

English: A bauble on a Christmas tree.
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On the day that I finished the last of my “family” Christmas shopping, I was out with a friend of mine.

They had invited me to have dinner with their family – something I always find special, always enjoy, and always feel a little guilty about (being another mouth at the table of a family of 9) – and afterward my friend asked me if I’d go with her to do a little Christmas shopping. She needed to pick up a few things for her kids. I enjoy her company, and anyway I needed to pick up something for one of “mine” too. 

On the way there, she suggested that perhaps the love of our friendship is sufficient “gift” so that we need not buy for each other.

I wasn’t sure she was entirely serious about it. But I agreed wholeheartedly with the principle. And if she were serious, I would happily agree with the practice as well. Because I hadn’t shopped for them yet, and I was not really “up” for more holiday shopping, especially since I’m never quite sure what to get them, and I’m absolutely sure that the pressure of what-to-get-me-in-return for whatever-I-get-them is just as stressful.

If I had any doubt on this last point, she repeated the issue. We’re agreed then? No gifts? You promise?

Yes, I promise. Done and done.

Truly: our friendship IS more gift than I can possibly express; anything else is superfluous.

Now if I can just get the rest of the gang on board on this issue. 🙂

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