A belated collection of flotsam

Toffifay? Charleston Chews? Caramello? I remember the commercials for these things but I didn't know they were still available.

There’s a Wawa in Delaware where the candy aisle is full – full, I tell you – of candy I didn’t know was still available. It was like entering a 1980’s time warp. All I needed was to look up and see someone in purple legwarmers, and the effect would have been complete.  Well, that and if I could have found a box of Alexander the Grapes. That would have been awesome.

I’m going to see the boy in the not too terribly distant future. Provided, that is, that the weather outside doesn’t suddenly turn frightful. As opposed to just the days-upon-days-upon-days of rain (thank you for not snowing!) that has made my hair into one big disaster for, well, as far back as I can remember. Which either points to the Bad Hair Lifetime I’m experiencing, or perhaps my memory is going. One of those. One of those what? Wait. What was I saying?

I still haven’t done my homework assignment. I only have 3 years to complete this photography course and if I don’t get in gear I’ll still be on lesson one when the time is up. It’s terrible to be so paralyzed by the submission of actual photos. Didn’t I complain that I was disappointed how little actual photography had been involved so far? Well, here it is at last and I’m still not doing it. In short, I am a moron.

I need to start sleeping. Ever since Thanksgiving (where I pulled all-nighters, mostly because I could, and I’m goofy like that) my sleep cycle is all out of whack. It would be amazing to have the good sense to put myself to bed when I start getting tired at, well, NOW, even if it is early… rather than staying up and up and up until I’m laying there bleary-eyed and wound up at 2AM. Which does NOT make for a great 6AM wake-up. Nor the clearest thinking at the office, either. Dear Lord, I wonder what stupid thing I said or did today.

My post-a-day resolution (which I was so diligent about for, well, most of the year) has been completely derailed by the 1-2 punch of holiday madness and year-end crunch. Maybe I can swing once a week through year end.

So… how’s it going with you all?

7 thoughts on “A belated collection of flotsam”

  1. You should probably get some sleep and just be prepared for the rest of the year to be a whirl. Then you can make a new post a day pledge in January.


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