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Probably up 5 pounds

The problem with the chicken pot pie recipe is that it’s so dang good, which is not helpful for managing ones diet. Oh, that and the fact that it requires turning the oven to 450 degrees, and even now that the weather has cooled down it’s still too dang hot for that it my place.

Frozen Marie Callender's chicken pot pie, out ...
The out of the box version. Mine has a crumble topping. And it's AWESOME. Image via Wikipedia

That said… even with turkey (not my favorite) leftovers in place of the chicken, and even with too little of it compared to when I do make it with chicken… and even with a little too much sauce-to-filling in the ratio… still.


3 thoughts on “Probably up 5 pounds”

  1. Mmmm. I love chicken pot pie – I just made a low-fat version with biscuits on top – it was really good, but there’s nothing quite like the kind with lots of gravy and pie crust.


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