One wild ride

Thanksgiving Turkey
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Let’s see now… what have we missed?

There were the 4 days I was away at a conference in Orlando. The conference itself was pretty good, though unbelievably expensive. The keynote speakers were almost all interesting, and almost half of them were actually related in some way to the event topic. The food at such events usually run as follows:
Day One: Everything is amazing during the day, and the included special event is a definite highlight.
Day Two: Everything is okay
Day Three: Here’s your sack lunch, please move along.

In this case, lunch on Day One was lunchmeat. I’m not a “lunchmeat” person even when I’m at home. So… not boding well. And the special event – NOT “included” – well, that was just a fiasco of bad planning and bad communication. I managed to salvage it (eventually) by riding Soarin‘ (on probably the last ride before it closed) and bonding with the people in the line around me. Which you have plenty of time to due when there are no passes left for the night.

I got back to the office and still didn’t return to blogging because I was trying to dig myself out of the post-conference hole, and… Well.  Things happen. Matters of life and death take precedence over blogging. And while I was busy with my family, the boy needed to take care of his, too.

And here we are, with Thanksgiving nearly upon us. I’ll be with my parents for the holiday. Looking forward to the long weekend, and once-a-year treats, and cranberry wine from Velanzano Winery. Taking some time to be thankful. For family. For friends. For the job I’ll be so thankful to have this brief respite from. And I’ll be taking a deep breath and bracing myself…

Because from here it’s a headlong race to Christmas.

It’s been a wild ride lately. And it’s not over yet.

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