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The fallout continues

Power Outage
Image by dave hale via Flickr

So, the post-storm mess continues. A number of my friends were without power and heat — at least one of the girls at work is not expecting anything to be restored before the end of the week. And, since it’s all about me, I’ll report that the power outages turned my 12-mile commute home yesterday into a 90 minute nightmare.

And that the trip home was extra harrowing, length notwithstanding, because it was Halloween, and between the number of streets without sidewalks anyway, the sidewalks cluttered with fallen branches, and the streets without working streetlights due to outages, the trick-or-treaters were giving me agida. I especially enjoyed the far-too-old-to-be-trick-or-treating teenagers who flipped me off because I turned on my high beams to navigate a particularly sketchy road. Sure, ya brats. So sorry for the inconvenience of not running you over.  (Otherwise, Halloween was fine.)

On the way to work today, I discovered that there’s been no further progress on clearing roads, so it would seem that I’ll be taking a new route to work each day. Well, that too is an adventure. Or so say I.

That GPS I bought has been a God-send this week.

2 thoughts on “The fallout continues”

  1. Halloween is not so widely practised here. Nor was it practised so much in the “Old Country” where I came from. I do not know if I am missing a lot. Sounds fun and tedious at the same time though. Hi, Miss G! 🙂 I’m so glad to be here!


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