And then it all just went horribly wrong

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There are certain things that make for a pleasant Saturday morning in my world: Sleeping in late. Hazelnut coffee, with a hint of cinnamon, savored slowly, preferably in the comfort of still-warm jammies in my still-warm apartment.

But there was not going to be sleeping in this morning, because I was having Saturday-morning-with-the-ladies.

Which in itself would be a good thing (in fact it was a great thing) but I needed to run out of the meeting a little early, because it’s the end of October and I had, until this week, completely forgotten that (1) it is October and (2) I am supposed to get my car inspected in October.

So I went for my biannual inspection, as the unseasonable snow began to fall. And I had them change the oil while I was there, because otherwise I was due again in 10 days and who wants to spend another weekend at the dealership?

So… so far so good, right? Good morning with the ladies. Taking care of the necessary tasks in a quick, easy and relatively convenient fashion.

And then it all just went horribly wrong.

First: the car passed inspection, but during the oil change they discovered a leak. Which was covered under warranty, so just a time issue (my, that snow is falling harder, isn’t it?). Or it would be just a time issue, except, well…

Second: during the 10 point check, they discovered that my tire tread on my front tires was, well, subpar. It was getting light at my last visit; just a matter of time. And here it was, time. Two new tires. And alignment, of course.

Oh wait. And… I needed new front brakes. Pads and rotors.

So if I could just invest three hours and several hundred dollars, I could put this all behind me.

(Sigh) OK then.

Let the headache begin. And it did.

And then…


With the work ALMOST done…

The snow on branches & power lines





Flicker. Flicker. Plunged into darkness.

So it was nearly 4PM — or nearly 6 hours after I arrived — when my car was set free from the still-dark dealership to make my way (very carefully) home.

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PS All things considered, the day wasn’t that bad. I mean, the storm is freakish, and I don’t think anyone likes finding out their car needs unexpected repairs. But the parts were in, so I don’t have to go back and blow another weekend. They applied every coupon they could to the work, even though (1) I hadn’t brought them with me — I was just supposed to be there for an emissions test! — and (2) they aren’t supposed to be used in combination but they appreciated my patience through the whole thing. I appreciated my patience as well, since it’s not my natural state. Especially once the headache kicked in. But God is good and merciful. I was safe. The dealership provided lunch for me while I waited. The people were nice. The guy who actually did the work on my car had done all the processes that required electricity to complete, and gotten my car off the lift, before the power went down permanently. And I got home safely, despite the storm.

3 thoughts on “And then it all just went horribly wrong”

  1. Sounds like a very good dealership. And it doesn’t hurt to have the best car warranty in the business. Hope that headache has eased up by now.


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