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Nothing to see here; move along

The restrooms are off the main hallway.

The two doors are less than a foot apart (which makes it extra pathetic that every so often a gentleman ends up in the ladies room. Seriously? You couldn’t find the men’s room? You couldn’t make it one step farther?)

This also makes for a real risk of collisions outside the doors. Because if there’s a he coming out and heading left just as a she is coming out and heading right, they are likely to collide if either one is paying anything less than 100% attention to their surroundings at that critical moment. Fun!

And finally, the proximity of the doors to each other makes it extra fun if someone decides to congregate outside the bathroom doors (and yes, even as I express this I am counting my blessings that you’re having your meetings in the hallway and not in the restroom proper).

It’s extra fun, I say, especially if in the process of congregating one of the parties decides that it would be more comfortable to lean on the wall… especially if the wall they lean on is the less-than-one-foot of wall between the restroom doors… especially if the person is a towering 6-foot-something and sufficiently broad shouldered that they partially block access to both doors in the process. And, just to top if off, it’s especially fun if the other party to the conversation is positioned such that there is absolutely no way to get to the ladies room that will not entail some awkward dancing around-and-through them. Or that one will not get the distinct (though I assume false) impression that the purpose of meeting in this location is to guard and listen at the restroom door.

Great place to have a meeting, guys. That’s not at all creepy.

PS? There are two conference rooms right across the hall. AND an open hallway 5 feet one direction. AND a nice, open, foyer area 7 feet the other direction. There is absolutely no reason we need to (a) be having meetings IN the restrooms or (b) be having meetings so close to the doors as to COUNT as having meetings in the restrooms.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

1 thought on “Nothing to see here; move along”

  1. Maybe you need to find some women who are willing to do something so gross/embarrassing/awkward at the restroom door on a regular basis so people will shy away from the spot.

    I don’t really have any useful suggestions, though – too embarrassing to think about.


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