Not gonna do it

A bottle of Excedrin's migraine formula. Taken...
My usual drug of choice for headache. Did not take this PM, though. The caffeine is good for headache relief but lousy for sleeping. Image via Wikipedia

Yesterday’s blog was overtaken by the knockout punch of an Advil PM and sip-of-red-wine.

Advil PM because something is clearly coming (weather or otherwise… or both), and Excedrin Migraine, while fantabulously effective, also contains caffeine and I didn’t want to risk it in the evening.

Sip-of-red-wine because that’s what was around. OK, yeah, I could have had water, but it would have meant extra work (though admittedly not much) and extra steps (though admittedly not many). Who had energy for such things?!? Not me, for certain.

Which meant that I was well into nodding off by 9PM yesterday. Didn’t go to bed (too early for that, lest my body treat it as a nap… which is extra stupid considering I was out cold on the couch anyway) for at least another hour. And THEN I went to bed. And slept through the night.

It was wonderful. You know, except for the part where I didn’t give you a blog yesterday.

Guess what?

You’re not getting one today either. Nope. Not gonna do it.

Oh, wait. OK then, you’re just not getting a GOOD blog today.

OK, wait. You’re not getting a good blog FROM ME today.

I really hope the headache goes soon.

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