Semi-Reality: pass it on

So… Reality TV. Some of us love it. Some of us hate it. Some of us say we hate it, but secretly love it. And for those who love it, there’s different things to love about it…

I was talking with some friends, and opinions vary.

Some love the competitive aspects of some of the shows.

Some are fascinated by the locations, the situations or the (melo)drama.

Some care or don’t care for the drama, but love getting to know new people and seeing how they react to situations.

Some love seeing how people they have gotten to know (celebrities, past contestants) face new situations.

So here’s a wholly unscientific poll: in what camp do you most fall? What is it that you love about reality TV (if anything)?

5 thoughts on “Semi-Reality: pass it on”

    1. Well, the options appear in random order, but since so far you’re the only person not voting that they DON’T like reality TV, I guess I can figure out which one was you. 🙂


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