Red wine and chicken soup

Pot Roast
Not my pot roast. Or my chicken soup. (Image by Back to the Cutting Board via Flickr)

I made a pot roast over the weekend. It was pretty much the only thing I did over the weekend, in that I was feeling pretty low at the time. A little church helped. A little chat helped. Still, I didn’t do allatmuch, except make that pot roast. Hence dinner for days to come.

Making a pot roast means that after the pot roast is gone (a few days later) there’s a whole lot of things like baby carrots and potatoes left over with nowhere to go.

Enter homemade chicken soup. Warm and toasty goodness.

Hence dinner for days to come.

I am having my chicken soup with red wine, for the simple reason that someone left some red wine here. It would probably feel sad and left out, if I didn’t have a small glass with dinner, no?

Warm and toasty goodness. Oh, wait. I already said that.

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