Tick tock

Main health effects of sleep deprivation (See ...
Really? We couldn't just leave me at "miserable and tired"... we had to make me fear for my life too? (Image via Wikipedia

An all-too-familiar scene from this week:

10:45PM. I’m tired. It’s no wonder, as little as I’ve been sleeping lately. So… good. It’s late enough to be able to sleep through the night; early enough to get a good night’s sleep…

Tick tock.

11:30PM. I’m still awake. Lying in the dark. Playing the mental fall-asleep games that usually work such wonders but lately have been failing me. Until at last … tick tock… I fall asleep.

Tick tock.

I awaken in the dark of the room from familiar dreams. Nothing alarming, and no alarms. I feel very awake, but imagine it must be sometime before dawn, a few hours before the alarm.

Tick tock.

It’s 12:40AM. Less than an hour has passed. But my body responds as if I’ve had a nap; refreshed and awake now, when I should be sleeping. What is wrong with me lately?

Tick tock.

Don’t just lie here awake. I get up for water. Tinker with the computer. Get ready to try sleep again. It’s 1:20AM. 2:40AM. 3:30AM. Sleep still eludes me. Is the morning really this twilighty at this hour?

Tick tock.

Sometime before 4:30AM I fall asleep. Finally.

Tick tock.

6AM wake up for a new day at work.


1 thought on “Tick tock”

  1. I just always figure, if I have a bad night and can’t sleep, the next night I’ll crash…and that usually ends up being the case. The key is to not stress over it! And to quit watching the clock, too.


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