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So basically, I have no problems in life

At this rate, I’m never going to complete this course.

Camera Tripod
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The photography course requires that I get a tripod. But they are really firm about this being something we should see and touch before buying. My local photography store appears to be out of business.

This is the same course that was so insistent through the entirety of Unit One that I NOT run out and buy ANY equipment. Continue reading “So basically, I have no problems in life”

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Weekend backstory

The apartment complex had told me that my door would be replaced on Friday. And then they didn’t show, without so much as a word.

Annoying, right?

I don’t call and complain about it, but internally, I grouse. Because it’s irritating when people say they’re going to do something, and then they don’t.

That’s true. But hold that thought. Continue reading “Weekend backstory”