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She’s ba-ack

Where I Was

OK, I’m back. Hiatus over. In that I am back in town and available for blogging. I did say the hiatus would be brief, did I not?

My aunt is, even as I type this, in her second straight week of mandatory work training in Huntsville, AL. She had mentioned to me some months ago that she was going to be in Alabama for two weeks… and that they wouldn’t be flying her home for the weekend in between… and that her son (my cousin, for those who are doing the math) would be bogged down in school activities requiring that her husband and son NOT join her. She sounded bummed.

I, on the other hand, was almost instantly excited. You see, I had never been to Alabama. Ooh, and it turns out that Huntsville is just 2 hours south of Nashville, TN… which is a whole lot easier to get a direct flight into. And I had never been to Tennessee, either.


So, once I figure out how to get my computer from eating my pictures, I will give you the recap. Including why Georgia is colored in on the map above. So, stay tuned.

And hey, thanks for coming back!

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