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For the record

The Dream Seeker. Definitely worth a read, after all.

I have panned The Dream Seeker in one way or another throughout the reading experience.  So it’s only fair that I follow up, now that I have finished it.

It was actually… very good.

There were moments along the way… moments that irritated me, a brief moment when I thought the dialogue was stilted (but then… do I know what men sound like when they talk to each other alone? no, I do not), a short lapse that I feared we were heading into Harlequin territory, and a whole wave of feeling like this story was taking me somewhere I was not going to be able to believe or follow. And an entire chapter that I could barely make myself skim. Not because it was badly written, but because it was… real. In an uncomfortable way.

All that said… the book was good. For all I struggled with it (Okay, so maybe I have some issues. Maybe?), the emotions rang true more often than they did not. The ending was not fairytale falsehood. There were highs, and lows, drama and anxiety, happiness and sorrow. There were moments of nail-biting tension (which my fingertips can attest to) that, if they seemed to resolve almost too neatly for a time, proved only to fuel the final showdown. Which felt very much as if it were written for a screen. It would certainly translate well for that medium.

Well done, Matthew S. Field. Well done. I look forward to your next novel.

And with that, I move avidly into No Time For Kings. I’m 40 pages in, and riveted.

But this doesn’t surprise me, either. Mark (My Words…) is a positively brilliant writer.

I truly envy the gift, gentlemen. Forgive me?

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