Just before we leave for a day in AC…

Not my shoes. Image via Wikipedia

You can’t wear those shoes.

It’s not like the boy to worry overmuch about what’s on my feet. I’d put together an outfit suitable for public consumption, and the black wedges – my very comfortable, casual dressy; perfectly suited to my outfit and for the last-hurrah-last-chance-for-open-toed-shoes-for-a-while-now-that-it’s-Labor-Day. They’re not the fanciest or most formal shoes I own, but they do look presentable, and they feel good. What do you mean I can’t wear these, I asked, looking down. You don’t like these shoes?

You can’t walk in those, he said, matter-of-factly. We’re going to get out on the boardwalk, and your feet are going to hurt in two minutes.

Hmm. I was tempted to argue, but realized he actually had a point. A very good point, in fact. The shoes are very comfortable… as women’s shoes go. But that isn’t saying much. If I walked in those shoes for any significant distance, my feet were going to be mad at me.

It surprised me at first that he thought of it. But then again, last time we went to AC, I wore different cute-but-comfortable (ha!) shoes, and I was in such agony after the first hour that I ended up having to take my shoes off. Which was all well indoors (the casinos are pretty forgiving, aside from the restaurants, in hopes you’ll be donating some cash at the tables) and good on even ground and well-swept sidewalks, but … well. He had to piggyback me across streets and such. Which he did with no trouble and fairly good humor, all things considered.

But I guess that had made an impression, leaving him uncharacteristically more interested in my footwear for the day.

You’re right, I admitted. These won’t be good for walking. I scrunched up my face for a second or two, trying to think what to wear instead. Then I brightened up. Of course! I have just the thing, I told him as I peeled the cute black wedges off my feet and ran into the bedroom, calling over my shoulder, Just give me a second!

From the hallway he could probably just make out the bumping and muttering of me rooting through the closet for my good walking shoes. A minute later I came out with my LL Bean waterproof Gore-Tex shoes that go with me on vacations so I can trudge from one end of the world to another without my feet complaining. I scooped up the cute wedges, and threw them in a bag. In case we go anywhere that I need to look good, I explained at his confused expression. I pulled on mini socks and the other shoes. I stood up, ready to go. He didn’t say anything, just stared at my armored feet and rolled his eyes a bit.

What? I demanded. It’s like you said; I’ll be able to walk in these. They’re very comfortable.

I believe you, he reassured me. They look comfortable.

Sigh. Boys.

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