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The magic of words

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Today I got an email from a friend, who wished me a happy birthday. For the record? Not my birthday. Right month and all, but pretty significantly off my birthday. Still, weeks-early is an improvement over weeks-late (which is how it ran the last few years) so it’s all good. What makes it weird and extra wonderful, though, is the fact that when I got home, there was another birthday greeting waiting for me. It had traveled halfway around the world, and got here much faster than my dear friend intended. But here it was, full of happy wishes, and reminding me of the wonderful ways that words can connect us.

For the Labor Day weekend, things were pretty low-key here. For the most part. About mid-day on Saturday, the boy decided he wanted to go to the casinos after all, and asked me to go. We had talked about this earlier in the week. I don’t like the casinos. I don’t like to gamble and find the place depressing. I’m not much of a beach person, either. So really, there is not that much about Atlantic City that draws me. Except the boy wanted to go. And I suspected that I had already thrown off his weekend plans by not wanting to go and stay there for days on end. (Um, no. Thanks.) So for the day trip, I went. I packed my camera and two books. I ordered a drink at the bar overlooking the boardwalk, so they couldn’t kick me out, and read.  The boy returned 90 minutes later and $100 richer, we walked the boardwalk, and drove home again. We were in the car longer than we were there. But hey, he had fun, and he won a little bit. It’s hard to argue with success. And after the margarita I’d nursed all afternoon, I wasn’t in the mood to argue anyway. Though I was in the mood to blather like words were going out of style. Poor guy.

While I waited for him to make his winnings, as I said, I made progress on books. The two I brought with me, The Dream Seeker and No Time for Kings, are both by authors whom I know. Or, kinda sorta know, in a way.  I started The Dream Seeker more than 6 months ago, but got annoyed with it early on and set it aside for a while.  The thing in Chapter 4 that irked me? Still irritating, but… hey, whatever. Moving on. The dialogue in the next two chapters? Somehow off. But it improved in the chapters that followed. I’m about 2/3 of the way through now.  And the book is still bothering me. For different reasons though. It’s going to be sappy and unrealistic. Or it’s going to be harsh and heartbreaking. Plus it keeps throwing me these ideas that I know are possible but that my brain can’t hold, like men can have real actual feelings. But it’s not over yet, so I’m going to hang in there, and see where it gets me. And then, I’m diving into No Time for Kings, which just arrived this week, and doesn’t look at all like a genre I’d like, and I seriously can’t wait.

And on that full-circle realization, I bid you a good night.

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