You can’t tell a man anything

And sometimes, in the interest of letting him be the man, you’re better off not even trying.

But when the boy starting climbing the walls to get home, despite the state of emergency and closed roads and flash flood warnings, I really had to try to make him see reason.

And it worked… at least, for a while.

That said, we were checking the traffic status for a few hours, and one by one the alerts started to clear as floodwaters receded. Funny, though: the routes in his direction were among the last to clear.

When we were down to just a few (including the one saying the roads in my county were closed to non-essential personnel), he could take no more. So, even though the emergency hadn’t officially been lifted, and even though there were definitely places that were still struggling, he took off as soon as it looked passable based on the information online. You’re a man, I’m not going to tell you what to do, I said before he left. But I wish you’d stay a little longer to let things settle down. I would worry less.

He really tried to hear that… but he was antsy to get to his place and make sure everything was fine there.

I suppose in his place I would have felt the same way.

He made it, just fine, in spite of my worries. And my hot water came back on sometime late in the evening; all back to normal in my corner of the world.

At least until the attempted Monday morning commute… in which all roads lead to give-this-up-and-work-from-home.

3 thoughts on “You can’t tell a man anything”

  1. It’s like letting a toddler touch a hot stove. Sometimes you’ve just got to let him learn on his own the folly of his ways. (Though fortunately the boy made it home in one piece).


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