If you ask me, it’s Irene’s fault

The Head Ache
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Technically, the rain we’re getting is probably not from Irene. The hurricane, I mean. (As opposed to blaming any actual person for the rain.)

I say probably… in that Irene is not expected to start ruining our weather until Sunday, and it’s only Thursday.

But, I dunno. Maybe she’s an early starter. There’s clearly been a huge barometric shift in the last few days, because I’m on day three of the kill-me sinus headache that isn’t allergies, infection, or impending illness.   Caffeine, cold meds, decongestants, allergy meds, even migraine meds … I’ve run through the whole arsenal. Three-extra-strength-something combined with Vaporub-on-my-forehead (in sheer desperation; what could it hurt really?) just barely make the slightest, maybe-I-could-sleep-for-four-hours-a-night kind of dent in it.

About 10 this morning the sky suddenly went black, and around 11:30 the rain came. And maybe it’s not because of Irene. Or, maybe Irene got here early.

Whatever… as long as she takes the headache with her when she goes.

4 thoughts on “If you ask me, it’s Irene’s fault”

  1. I would probably blame it on Irene, too. Even if she’s not arrived yet, she’s probably pushing all the other weather along in front of her, trying to move it out of the way.


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