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Public restroom on a college campus.
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There are a couple of ladies at work who hold meetings in the ladies room. Seriously. Meetings.

They are never there separately unless one of them is out of the office, and when they are in there, it’s a whole deal.  Always at least the two of them, sometimes up to 3 others as well, in what is really not that large a restroom. They engage in lengthy and detailed conversations across stall walls, or at the sink. Extended conversations, while traffic to the actual stalls is hung up to get around them, and people come and go around what is apparently so essential a meeting that it simply cannot be held elsewhere. Not even, perhaps, in one of the conference rooms right across the hall...

One day last week they stayed in there, and stopped up traffic, and talked and talked and talked, and then realized that maybe they shouldn’t have said something (whatever) in front of God-knows-who-might-be-in-here, so they hovered, whispering, to see who was still in there, like they were taking stall attendance as each person exited. And then FINALLY realizing that it was becoming awkward to stand right outside the stall (for the person in it, if not for them) – I am not kidding – they moved to the hall directly OUTSIDE the bathroom, and then waited around to see who would come out.

Oh. My. Goodness.

So after a few more of these incidents witnessed or experienced, now I am dreaming of posting a sign in there, explaining what is apparently not otherwise obvious to them:


And for inside the stalls, I’d like to add this little note for those who don’t seem to understand what the purpose of the small compartment is and is not:

Someone might get a clue, right?  And the rest will get the joke, and get a laugh?

5 thoughts on “More peeves”

  1. Sheesh. People are weird. I’ve stood at the urinal while a coworker chatted away on his cell phone – at the next urinal. It ain’t pretty, and it sure as hell ain’t sanitary!


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