Physics are cramping my style

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The boy has informed me that he bought tickets (he bought them, and told me he bought them, and then couldn’t remember which show he bought them for — but on review it was the one I wanted) and so (barring disaster!) we’re heading to Camelfest on Saturday night.

ALSO…. If I’m not reserving all my energies on Friday night in anticipation of Saturday night’s outing (and if the work week hasn’t done me in), I might hafta pop over to the local 4-H, where Piscataway Joe will be playing (what-all with knowing virtually all the highly-talented members, I really ought to try to make it). I’d like to… we’ll see…

And I still need to work out the logistical details of Saturday’s double-booking for birthday-and-play, which are (unfortunately) occurring in different locations at the same time. Which is generally accepted as being problematic. Harrumph. Physics are really cramping my style.

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