Baby steps

Camera Zenit 122 left view
Not My Camera: Public Domain Image via Wikipedia

Well, the news is bad… again. Isn’t it always?  Mustn’t dwell on the negative, unless it’s to come up with a solution (and I don’t have one).

So… positives. Out of work On Time tonight. Down three pounds since reinstating the health watch. And I signed up for the photography course I’d been noodling on. I had been of mixed feelings about it, but Kat’s recent scare did get me thinking about regrets, and avoiding them where possible. This on top of GotC’s reminder last week of the benefit of facing something that scares me, pretty much clinched it.

How many of the things I dream of doing, have I put off because I’m being a big fat chicken?

Even if the answer is “just one” (and it’s not), that’s one too many.

So, yeah. Going to give it a shot. So to speak.

Thanks for the encouragement, ladies.

And that’s me for tonight.

6 thoughts on “Baby steps”

  1. Good for you! I was really nervous about posting what I did today but I’m glad it had a positive effect (or is it affect? I never can remember the difference…) Thanks for the shout out 🙂


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