Excuses, excuses

Whatever happened to that gringita girl, with the semi-random blog-a-ma-jig?

Oh her. She got all tied up at work. And then got all tied up in knots. And then… well… then she just didn’t blog for, like, a couple of days.


Anyhoo. I am back. Friday night with the ladies was a nice little reunion. Saturday one of my best friends’ daughters got baptized (necessitating a quick change-up of the car service schedule). And I talked to my sister, which I had not done in so long I had started to think something was wrong between us. And Sunday, today, I made it to church. Which shouldn’t be a big deal, but was, and I hope it won’t be in the weeks to come.

And in between all the excitement, I have been unwinding from the office madness, and hoping next week will not be another one made up of 10 and 12 hour days. And that even if it is, I can manage to crank out something like a blog entry worth reading.

Sorry this wasn’t it. Fiddle dee dee. Tomorrow is another day.