Anticipatory excitement

Omigosh, omigosh. I have plans and stuff. Do you know how rare that is?

OK, first off, there’s the Ladies getting together on Friday night. No, not at my place. My place is like some kind of hotbox torture chamber in the summer time. No, we’re heading over to one of the other ladies’ places. On a Friday night. How cool is that?  I mean, literally, I wonder how cool that will be.  Almost certainly cooler than my place, anyway.

And Saturday. Well, Saturday was originally supposed to be an anniversary party but since (1) the Save the Date was never followed up with an actual invitation (too late now) and (2) my sister got snubbed (we’ll call that “accidentally”) and (3) it would have been countless inconvenient hours away from me and (4) I have other things I need to get done, I’m moving on. Or not moving on. Maybe I’ll get my car serviced. It’s due. Maybe I’ll give the house a more-than-cursory cleaning. Maybe I’ll sign up for that photography course I’m always noodling on.  Maybe, maybe. I love all that possibility!

Sunday I’m really hoping to make it to church. Which shouldn’t oughta be such a “deal” but has been all summer. Some sleeping in, a lot of travel and whatnot. I’ve already learned that we’re having a “come back to church” weekend, unfortunately planned for a weekend that I’ve already planned (tickets are purchased and everything) to be out of town. They couldn’t have timed that any better if they tried.

And then NEXT weekend. Oh, the joy that is next weekend!  Heading over to Maxwell’s for Camelfest to support Roots & Wings (oh yeah, and listen to one of my favorite Dromedary bands), assuming of course that the boy takes care of buying tix as requested. Which he said he will do, and I’m really working on my trust issues. Or control issues. Or whatever issue applies to this instance.  I do trust him. Totally. He’ll do what he said he will. Unless he forgets.  I’m not going to remind him, though, because “reminding” sounds like “nagging” when done in a female voice.  (Men hound. Children whine. Women nag. Same action, different names for it.)

At the same time, I’m trying (and so far mostly failing) not to count on this happening, not because I don’t think he’ll follow through, but because we’ve made tentative plans to go to 2 other shows there in the past and both times something dramatically bad happened in his family and we couldn’t go. So I should really try not to be holding my breath for this.  If something bad happens this time, I’m going to have to take that as a sign and stop suggesting we go to things, before I cause any more harm.

Then the next day I’m actually double-booked. My best-friend-from-college has invited me to go see both of her boys in a local community play. So, aside from the woefully uncomfortable chairs (if history is any indicator) that should be a lot of fun.  AND one of my best-friends-from-church is having a birthday party for her daughter the same day.  I bet I even have a gift for the occasion. Hmm, what DID I do with that?

For a month with not-a-lot-going-on, August is shaping up pretty busy for me, so far.

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