Every day is a new opportunity to learn something

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Guess what I learned today?

They make sugar-free Popsicles in Tropical flavors. Still just 15 calories per. WIN!

They also sell combo packs (they call it a healthy bunch) with sugar-free regular Popsicles (15 cal), Fudgsicles (40 cal), and Creamsicles (20 cal).

Technically I don’t like Creamsicles. I don’t think. I wasn’t a big fan as a kid, anyway. Maybe I’ve developed a more sophisticated palate since then? And Tropical has tastier orange (I’m not a big fan of the regular orange Popsicle, or orange almost-anything really) than the originals. And I’m thinking that the tropical punch flavor almost has to be less reminiscent of cough syrup than the cherry ones are. But the pineapple version is sort of bland and there’s no grape (grape Popsicle = LOVE).

Still. At 15 calories a pop (ha ha, funny), I can keep myself cool and refreshed, AND not throw my diet efforts completely off kilter.

I really should have listened to Mark about keeping my pajamas in the freezer, though.

Live and learn.

4 thoughts on “Every day is a new opportunity to learn something”

    1. Fruit punch, pineapple, and tropical orange. I like the tropical orange better than regular orange. But then, orange is my least-favorite of the standard flavors. It sounds like I could give you my orange pops in trade for your grape pops, and we’d both be very happy. 🙂


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