Sporadicly powerless

Hurricane Irene off the Carolinas
Image by born1945 via Flickr

There’s still some sporadic flooding in our area, post-Irene. (North of us it’s still bad; new floods seem to occur daily.) Here, it’s a little less dramatic. Major roads that will need significant repair. I can’t find any kind of status report or update to find out why one of the roads I take to work is still closed, even though there’s no way it flooded. Water-related erosion, maybe, but I can’t find out. Electricity is still out for a few of my colleagues, though fewer are without power each day. Continue reading “Sporadicly powerless”


Battening down

Clean drinking water...not self-evident for ev...
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Irene is coming. If I wasn’t sure of that, my apartment complex reminded me, by leaving a flyer in my mailbox last night. Their purpose in that first communication was primarily in making sure that those of us who keep things outside on the property bring them in, so they don’t become projectiles. If we don’t, they will. Move ’em or lose ’em. Continue reading “Battening down”