Simple pleasures

My parents have central air.  In the midst of the recent waves of heat-and-humidity, their home is an oasis of cool. Uh, cold. COLD is the word.

So as I did laundry at their place this weekend (some mine, some theirs) I really dearly wanted to just curl up in the warm, fresh-out-of-the-drier clothes. To drape warm towels around me and absorb all the heat from them.

Clothes warm from the dryer: such simple pleasures.

And now I am home. In my not-centrally-cooled (not much cooled at all) apartment. Where it is, in point of fact, HOT.

As I put away my clothes in this sticky heat, I discovered something wonderful.

Clothes I had washed on Friday, though warm when I put them in the basket, had been cooling in the frigid air at the ‘rents house. And even after a long ride in the back of a car, and being hauled up into my warm apartment, somewhere in the middle of it, were pajamas that were still relatively cool.

Oh my goodness. They were an absolute delight to put on. I’m sitting here wondering about the feasibility of storing clothes in my fridge for the duration of the summer.

Plus that would push what little food I keep around here out of my reach…  It seems like that would be a Win-Win.

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