Temptations abound

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Last week I broke out the health spreadsheet again. I had been trending in the wrong direction… funny how that happens when I stop paying any attention to what-and-how-much (mostly too much of the wrong things) goes into my mouth, or how much-or-little (mostly too little) I’m moving around.

Well, I’m so tired allatime. (Duh, dragging around extra pounds will do that!)

So I broke out the spreadsheet. Tracking my calories in-and-out, my net carbs (only because I’m a carb addict), my fluid intake (even counting all fluids, I usually drink about 1/2 as much as I should in a day), whether I took my vitamins or not… I’m not trying to be crazy about the whole thing, but just the fact of watching helps me make better choices. Healthier choices. Not every little twinge of what I think is hunger is, in fact hunger. Sometimes it’s thirst. Sometimes it’s boredom. Being able to know how many calories I just ate a little while ago helps me focus on what I really need, and not just on what I want in the moment. Or maybe I really am hungry, and I really should eat. I still have to choose whether to eat something that’s going to be 300 hundred calories, or 600 calories, or 1000 calories. And whether it has any nutritional value, to make it worth the calorie hit.  Or whether it will leave me really hungry again in an hour. And did I – for the love of God – move at all during the course of the day?!?

Just watching, as I said, really helps me quite a bit. What doesn’t help me is being at the ‘rents house. I’ve got them doing me the great favor of (literally!) hiding the candy jar before I arrive. But it’s pretty hard to hide things like ice cream. (I bought sugar free popsicles so I’d have an alternative available, but that doesn’t mean the dark chocolate Klondike bars aren’t talking to me.)  And I know where the chips are. And… well, mom’s a good cook, and dad’s a wiz with the grill. Every meal is a new opportunity to eat for taste long after hunger is satisfied. And did I mention the wine? They have wine here. They have delicious candy-in-a-glass cranberry wine from Velanzano Wineries here.

God help me. I need to get out of here!

4 thoughts on “Temptations abound”

  1. Don’t worry, it’s not just you. I just ate the last cookie in the house. I may need to go downtown to get some more.


  2. I find taking the time to track everything, and especially to plan my meals and snacks ahead of time, helps me stick with healthy eating and exercising better…way better…enjoy being with your parents…I’m sure they love having you there…how nice of them to hide the candy before you came over.


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