Mostly blogless

A bedroom in an AIMCO apartment home
Not my room. Looks inviting though. Image via Wikipedia

I’m feeling blogless tonight. Not that I couldn’t talk about dreams of vacation destinations. [Hey there, readers, leave me a comment: What was your favorite vacay? Why? Where didja go and what didja do?]  Or I could babble about the classes I’m noodling on taking. Or what-all I think I’m doing in the weekends to come.

But no. Alas. Last night I got no sleep so tonight I am feeling… wordless and incoherent.

Or at least blogless.

Maybe tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Mostly blogless”

  1. My favorite vacation was the one I just took…because it was probably the first true vacation I’ve ever taken in my life. And at 42 years old…how sad! I had a blast, though. You know where I went!


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