Perhaps it’s a mystery for the ages. Then again, maybe not.

A Seal of the Knights Templar, who founded the...
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My top searches for today read strangely. Like someone threw poetry magnets at the wall, and this is what stuck. Or maybe it’s some kind of twisted modern-day Templar secret, in which the treasure/grail is to be found encased in some kind of clear protective membrane. And probably somewhere cold. But apparently well-maintained. By two people. Or by pairs of people? Or can only be accessed by two people working together? Hmm…

gringita definition, horsetooth reservoir and snakes, benefits to couples doing housework together, what kind of plastic do grocery stores use to wrap meat

Wow. Scary, huh? Oh, well… right… not so much. I guess that’s just what happens when your blog is semi-random.

Or is it?


1 thought on “Perhaps it’s a mystery for the ages. Then again, maybe not.”

  1. I just checked mine for today. They include “sexy paper dress” and “papa smurf.” Both of which I have, in fact, written about. Makes me wonder who’s stranger…the people searching for these things, or the person writing about them.


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