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Food flotsam

Cottage pie
Image by flickrrhoea via Flickr

Chopping veggies in the food processor is way, way easier than doing it by hand. Cutting the onions that way, however, will result in extra stingy, teary eyes. Probably has something to do with breaking down more of the onion’s cell walls than I would do hand-chopping. Whatever. What do I know, anyway? My hands don’t reek of onion. Way faster, way easier, AND I didn’t cut off any fingers in the process. Win.

Three small onions, three large multicolor peppers, three lbs of ground beef. (It was a “big buy” at the store. You think?) Seasoning. Simmering. Tomato paste and salsa. Equals two tasty alternative shepherd’s pies (when topped with mashed potatoes) plus one really nice meat sauce for pasta (when mixed with a pasta sauce. And pasta).  Enough to feed 2 for at least 4 meals, or 1 for 8-10. Or some combination thereof for about 6. In any case… meals galore.

Sugar free popsicles are actually pretty good. No, wait. Grape sugar-free popsicles are pretty good. The cherry ones taste a little off, like cough syrup, and orange… well. Orange is just not my favorite flavor. (Shudder).  But at least it’s not ice cream. Oooh, I want ice cream.


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