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Eastward ho

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It was hard to leave the beauty of Colorado, and the fun of being with my family. Morning coffee over YouTube videos. The girls writing stories in their journals. Hugging Sis goodbye, as she headed off to class. Loading up the car. Driving to the airport. Hugs for my BIL and hugs-and-kisses for each of my sweet girls. Checking in, finding our gates. Stopping for breakfast and coffee with the ‘rents, before we each headed to our respective flights. Theirs an hour before mine. Both direct. Both Southwest (which I’d never flown before this trip, and can only say good things).

Smooth sailing back into the home-airport. My friend already waiting for me when I come out (airport police telling her to move along just as I run up, breathless, to her car). I leap in the back with my belongings. It’s both of the ladies — the one who is picking me up and the one whose husband dropped me off. We sail back to my friends’ house, one friend heads back to home and family, the other invites me in to dinner. Quiet evening with friends, possible because work waits another day.

Pleasant evening, quick trip home, strange to be behind the wheel again, the apartment is hot but not as bad as I feared. Late night of unpacking, unloading of pics from the camera, catching up with the technology I largely left behind…

And then bed, and the end of vacation.

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