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Last day

Wild Boar Coffee - If you're in Fort Collins, CO, definitely stop in. YUM!

This last day is planned to be a quiet one. The car is in for service (they’ve been having trouble with the AC since the trip out here) so we’ll be staying local.

My sister heads off to class, and the rest of us get ourselves put together to go to the pool. Poppa (Dad)  plays with the girls, splashing and dunking and playing shark with them. Nana (Mom) reads in the shade. Daddy (BIL) is reading poolside; he’s been an active player in the water for weeks on end and is probably happy to have other people here to join in the fun.

Earlier in the week the Eldest had made a joke about how silly it would be to go into the pool fully clothed, and I told them the story of the time that their Poppa did just that. (Long story short: There hadn’t been time for him to change first, at the moment. I had needed an urgent and immediate scooping-out-of-the-water. I had been almost as old as the Eldest, and not nearly as good a swimmer as my nieces are. Incidentally, I’m still not.)

In any case, I alternated between reading poolside and taking a quick dip in the pool. I wasn’t in long, but long enough for me. Like I said… not that great a swimmer. Then I sat in a sunny spot, catlike, to warm up. One after the other, my girls came to warm up with me. Snuggly happiness for me.

In the late afternoon, my sister and I met with a friend of ours… one of the Ladies from my group, and one of my sister’s very best friends (and the Youngest’s namesake) for iced coffee and chatting. It was a really nice time; 1000 calories in mocha java deliciousness not hurting at all. Or not much… the scale awaits at home.

BIL and Mom fixed tacos for dinner, while my sister read some of her textbook to me. I played with the girls. And then shortly after they went to bed, I did. There was packing to be done.

The return trip and home await.

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