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Not to be a killjoy or anything…

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… but fireworks are illegal in this state, unless they are operated with a license. And hard up as we are for cash (like every other state at present), last I checked, they still tried to restrict those licenses to professionals.

In fact, pretty much the only “fireworks” that are legal here are firecrackers and sparklers, and even they come with pretty strict warnings.

Yes, even on the fourth of July.

Do you know why?

Because they are explosives.

Because they fling sparks and flames in all directions (and it’s drier out there than you think it is).

Because people hurt themselves. They especially hurt themselves after they’ve been barbequing all afternoon (read as, having a few drinks with friends and getting a little sloppy in the process).

And because people forget things like that this is a heavily populated area. So your “harmless” little fireworks, when something goes awry, are not going to just hurt you.

They’re going to hurt one of your neighbors. Or their kids.

Oh yeah, or they’re going to set something on your property, or your neighbor’s property, or the community property, or the surrounding area, on fire.

I really, really appreciate how excited you are about the 4th. I really, really get that fireworks aren’t illegal wherever you used to live, and anyway fireworks are a part of the Independence Day experience that you want your kids to have.

Guess what? Our town is one of the few that is having an official fireworks display. Take your kids over there. They’ll love it.

And stop trying to burn the apartment complex down, in the name of “fun” and “patriotism.”

Cuz, yo. I love my country and all, but I’m going to be pissed if I have to evacuate in my PJs.

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