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Oh the horror

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It has only just occurred to me that it’s never going to fade away into obscurity.  On the contrary, it’s going to get pulled out of the mothballs it deserves for a few days every year, whereupon it will torture me again and again.

I have been longing for the day that Katy Perry’s Firework would disappear off the air. I mean… really. REALLY.  No offense to Katy Perry. Some of her other songs are quite… catchy. But this one: Oh. My. Goodness. Sometimes I’m not paying close enough attention to the radio on my way to work, and since it starts out OK, I’ll be fooled into leaving it on too long. But in no time at all it catches up to me, and I am shouting at my radio as I slam buttons to change the channel and make it stop: Shut up shut up shut up!

My God. Nails on a chalkboard.

And it’s only today that it occurred to me… this is the July 4th version of Monster Mash. They are going to pull this painful piece of garbage out and dust it off for the holiday every doggone year.  Oh the horror!

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