Hot bacon

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They sell bacon in the morning in the cafeteria. Well, to be fair, they also serve sausage and donuts and bagels and have an omelet station. They also have cereal cups but it’s either very sugary or very cardboardy, so I don’t really pay that any mind.

I’m not much of a breakfast person, anyway. Coffee… yes, of course. There is no life without caffeine (in my opinion; I am at peace with my caffeine addiction), and coffee is my caffeine source of choice in the morning. I could totally do a toasted-everything-bagel-with-cream-cheese (I’m from a part of the country where bagels come out right, and where no one has to explain on the menu what they are). But (1) that would be most of a day’s calories, and at least 2 day’s worth of carbs (if I were being watchful of my eating) and (2) they rarely if ever have “everything” bagels in the cafe. Saved from myself, yay!

What they do have that I like is bacon. Two pieces for 99 cents, plus tax. Three for $1.79, for reasons I can’t quite fathom.

But two is good, you know, just once in a while. When I catch myself inexplicably hungry in the morning, two pieces of bacon can really hit the spot. I can estimate roughly 70 calories from 2 pieces, and it’s protein (ok, and fat and tryglicerides). But you know… manageable for once in a while.

We have a new food service provider here at the office. (Hence the new lack of everything bagels, and the addition of omelet station, which is well received by those who like (shudder) eggs and is easily ignored by those of us who don’t.) 

And the new lady at the new food service provider is very generous. It started out with the straggling partials. You know, the 1/3 or 1/2 of a piece here and there that manage to occur when you make a lot of bacon and it starts to break apart?  Well, at first she would throw one of those partial pieces into my “two” bacon slices (no extra charge). OK, that’s nice. It’s probably hard to sell those anyway, though I would think they could be saved up for making bacon bits for the salad bar or for putting in sandwiches in the afternoon…

Whatever. Thank you, that’s very nice. 

But then she started putting more than one partial piece in. And today, when I wasn’t looking, she put in a whole extra slice and a couple of partials. I basically got two orders, all told. She still only charged me for two pieces, which is all I asked for. (“for which is all I asked” ?)

I am getting ever more emphatic in my order that I really only want TWO pieces… to no avail. At this rate, I could be getting the whole package for 99 cents (plus tax, of course), by year’s end!

I do appreciate the generosity, and the kindness of the gesture. But I don’t need the extra calories. Seriously, I really don’t need them. (Right, like I’m really not going to eat the bacon once I have it.)

Not to mention that I’m starting to feel like I’m stealing bacon in the morning.

The bacon is hot, in more ways than one.

3 thoughts on “Hot bacon”

  1. I think “which is all I asked for” is one of those cases where you can throw everything you’ve learned not to do with prepositions out the window. And, where do you work that there’s an omelette station?! I was lucky to get free coffee at my last job!


    1. The coffee is free (if it doesn’t kill you) until 9AM. Everything else is $$.
      And I’m in the building that barely counts as having food service. Oh my goodness, you should see the cafeteria in the home office!
      I’m not saying the food is all that good, but there’s a lot of variety of it!


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