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And still MORE food…

So, the chicken has still not thawed sufficiently to be cooked. So, chicken will get roasted another day.

Just as well. I discovered, in the absence of suitably thawed roaster, that while I might prefer chicken as empanada filling, my spicy ground beef mixture is absolutely delicious as filling for papas rellenos.

Which basically means coating my tasty spicy beef filling with mashed potatoes, flouring lightly and sauteing ever so slightly.

Which meant going to the grocery store, as mashed potatoes were not something I had on hand.

Which meant also going in search of something else, if only for documentation purposes. So after a wrong turn down the “Mexican Food” aisle, I found what I was looking for, two aisles over, in “Spanish Foods” –

Three varieties of guava paste. Which is more solid than you'd guess. I've used the two on the right.

I also snapped this shot (because once you’re the weird lady in the grocery store, you might as well REALLY be the weird lady in the grocery store):

Seriously. Goya has all these varieties of Adobo and they ALL just say "all purpose." You GOTTA be kidding me.

Little help here… are the color variations just decorative, or are there actual differences? And how do I know which one to use for what?!?  Does ANYONE know this?

5 thoughts on “And still MORE food…”

  1. I actually do know the answer to that….each has slightly different ingredients beyond the basic. But what you use for which is beyond me.


    1. Thanks Em. I have noticed that the packaging sometimes has a little notation to indicate it has more of one seasoning — usually in Spanish, so other than salt or pepper I’m usually at a loss as to which seasoning it is — and with not a lot of frame of reference I’m never sure whether more of that unknown seasoning would be good or awful. They are definitely not making this user friendly for gringitas like me. 🙂


  2. A-ha! There it is. GOYA sounds/looks familiar…maybe I’ve seen it in the local Mexican supermarket. Or Asian. I’m not really sure. How difficult is it to make empanadas? I’m a pretty good cook (planning on chili verde tonight) so I imagine it wouldn’t be too difficult.


    1. Goya is almost certainly at the Mexican supermarket, if not in the international foods of your regular supermarket. No, wait, you don’t like the “regular” supermarket. Nevermind. 🙂

      Empanadas are pretty easy (especially the guava version)… it’s basically a bit of guava paste and a bit of cream cheese (or more properly, queso blanco, if you can find it) in a crust, baked or deep fried.

      The only thing I find tricky is that guava paste is so thick – it’s pretty much a brick at room temperature – that it needs to be cooked at a very high heat. Deep fry would work, but that’s a hassle and a half, at least for me. That’s one more reason making them inside crescent rolls (while perhaps slightly less “authentic”) works so well for me… high temp AND a decent bake time. I think I blogged instructions at one point. Hmm. What DID I do with that entry? Oh, here it is.


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