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Is the weekend here yet

What day is this again?  Feels like a Wednesday, was long enough to be Thursday, but alas no, it’s only Tuesday. MAN this is a long week.

Long weekend coming up though. Ah yes. Good stuff.

Continental tells me I can fly for cheap this weekend, provided I want to go to Pittsburgh, Richmond, or Toronto.  Or fly here from Connecticut. Which I could do, in that it’s only a little over an hour to drive to Connecticut to catch my flight. But that seems like overkill. (I am always so amused by the “deals” they offer to fly cheap between places you could get to much faster without an airplane.)

Skyline of Toronto
Toronto: Been there. Really a beautiful city. Image via Wikipedia

Actually, I wouldn’t mind seeing Toronto again. Nice city. Much to do there.  Worth a flight. But, no. I don’t think I’ll pick up and go for an impromptu getaway just now. Not unless it involves new scenery, anyway.

3 thoughts on “Is the weekend here yet”

    1. 😦 I’m sorry.

      Actually, once you’re working again, you’ll be AMAZED at how quickly long weekends start looking good again. As I recall, the best time of all is when you have the job offer in hand, and still a few days left before you start… the pressure is off but the time is still free! (BTW, speaking of taking the pressure off … any word on your extension?)


      1. That’s totally the best time! I’m going to try to finagle a two weeks’ notice (even though I’m not working) out of my future employer. I’m itching to do something spontaneous, like hop in the car and take a road trip somewhere. When I have a job lined up and the promise of money coming in, I’ll be able to do that.

        No word on my extension yet…I have no idea how long that will take. Hopefully they’ll process it ASAP!


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