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Next up: Colorado

I still have about a third of the country to visit. OK, I have WAY MORE than a third of the country left to visit, when you factor in non-state territories, and the simple fact that (for example) having been in the environs of Scottsdale AZ for a week does not mean that I’ve seen all there is to see in Arizona by a long shot.

But even just in terms of having visited states I’ve still got a third of the country left to go. My personal rules of what counts as a visit are somewhat stringent. Driving through a state en route to another does not count, unless I stop and do something experiential in transit (so, rest stops don’t count, but a conference or a museum visit would; though I’d traveled through Rhode Island easily 100 times in my life, I didn’t count it as “visited” until I toured the mansions in Newport). Passing through the airport does not count (I’ve been through Phoenix several times but didn’t count AZ as “visited” until I spent that week there; the extent of my stay in Seattle was a plane change en route to Alaska so I can’t count that either.)

Here’s my progress to date (states in red have been visited):

As of May 19, 2011* I have visited 33 states (66%)
Create your own visited map of The United States

* Incidentally in the process of adding the date to the above, I realized that today is a Day of Significance. Or was, once. Whatever.

As you can see, I need to get myself up to the Pacific Northwest. I need to visit my friend in Michigan. I need to get down to the southeastern states (though I might let them recover from the horrible flooding they’re dealing with right now first). I maybe ought to think about going to the Albuquerque balloon festival.

And I need to get myself out to Colorado. Which, in fact, I am going to do (God willing). This summer my family is going to be out there for a while, so I’m planning to take a quick trip out there to visit them.

To my knowledge, Colorado is up next. Though who knows, with me.

Where have you been (or where haven’t you been)? Have you been to the places I haven’t? What should I NOT MISS there?

7 thoughts on “Next up: Colorado”

  1. My list of things not to miss in the Pacific Northwest would run several pages long. Let me know when you’ve got a trip planned and we’ll talk more then.

    In New Mexico, the White Sands Nat’l Monument is pretty cool. I’ve been to Colorado but haven’t stayed at the haunted Stanley Hotel – that would be on my bucket list (if I had one). Been to North Dakota, but I really can’t recommend anything there. Ditto for Nebraska.


    1. As far as visiting the Pacific NW… is there a “best time” to plan for such a thing? Or at least a “best time to come if you’re into X is Y and best time to come if you’re into A is B” kind-of-deal?


      1. Well, if you’re hoping to avoid the rain, that rules out October-May. The best weather is in September – it’s not usually too hot, too cold, or too wet.

        The Rose Festival is a big deal around here, and that happens in June. There’s a big beer festival in July, if you’re into that sort of thing.


        1. Not a beer drinker, really. I will keep it in mind, for a future September. (As opposed to a past September, in case they perfect time travel any time soon.)
          Oh, and if I come, I’ll think about bringing oatmeal-everything cookies, just in case we bump into each other. 🙂


        2. Cool!

          Though now I feel a tremendous amount of pressure that I not only make the cookies, but that they come out good. Oh, MAN, that can only spell “disaster.”


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