The stats reveal…

I haven’t done one of these before, so here we go… some blog stats…

My Most-Read Posts to Date

    1. 24 hours of suckdom
    2. More guilty secrets
    3. They say sex sells – romance goes commercial

I think I see a trend here.

My Top Commenters (Not Counting Me) to Date
But really, you’re ALL the tops!

    1. Mark of Mark My Words…
    2. Patti of Read Me
    3. (The Divine Ms.) Em of The Adventures of Em

My Top Referrers to Date
(Not counting the spam hits)

    1. Yahoo mail
    2. WordPress.com
    3. [Withheld. You’re welcome. Oh, and thanks for stopping by regular-like]
no spam!
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Most Spammy Pingbacks to Date
Here’s a hint… if you’re writing on a related topic and want to link to me, I am totally supportive of that. Glad to have you. If I’ve actually done business with you and were happy with your service, and you want to link to a post I’ve written about you, that’s also just fine with me. If, however, you’re selling a tangentially related product and just creating a temporary link to generate a pingback so you can try to lift your position on search engines and possibly sell your services to my readers, even though I have never heard of you, I’m killing off your spammy ping.

    1. Good night has been getting spam pingbacks like you wouldn’t believe, all from places hawking the Brazilian Blowout.
    2. Follow up story had the next most pingbacks, also in attempts to sell Brazilian Blowouts and hair care products/services. Not nearly as many as Good night, though.
    3. In a surprise upset, Way too much pre-trip drama beat out the other few hair-treatment items I’ve posted, and picked up a few pingbacks related to car service rentals.

Of course, now THIS post will start winning the “spam pingback” awards, by referencing all three. 😉

My Top Search Terms to Date || and my not-so-snappy thoughts on these

    1. vacation peeves || ok, yeah, I have a few
    2. spring forward already happened?  || it has now
    3. bragplaining  || thank you, urban dictionary, for your handy phrases
    4. craisin -coupon || no, I don’t offer coupons. or craisins, for that matter
    5. when did joseph pray || if I had to guess? allatime.
    6. joseph praying crying out to god || you betcha
    7. “keratin friendly shampoo” || great, here come more spam pings!
    8. not a reunion but get together || down with reunions; up with get togethers!
    9. “penguins kill” “dromedary” || I’m guessing this is not about violence in the animal kingdom, but a reference to a recent release by indie microlabel Dromedary Records
    10. did joseph pray often || um. yeah. probably so.
    11. planned and get my aunt story || what are you smoking?
    12. “dromedary records” || I think you meant to visit indie microlabel Dromedary Records
    13. freudian slip image processing || seriously dude… what are you smoking?
    14. how to tell a storm is close || my blog is probably not your best source for this info
    15. socially awkward || why, yes… yes I am
    16. too much pre cum || my heartfelt apologies that this made the list; I have no idea how this search found me, and I very sincerely don’t want to know
    17. are you a extravert or intorvert || neither, technically; I’m a huge introvert though. and a smidge of a grammar nut.
    18. socially ackward || very like socially awkward, only more ackward
    19. suckdom || tell me about it
    20. pinched nerve on index finger || yeah that sucks. feel better soon.

And there you have it… a glimpse into the stats of my blog and what they reveal about… um… you? me? spammers? search engines?

Something, anyway.

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