What I’d like

Map of USA with Colorado highlighted
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I’d like a few more days in my weekend.

I’d like the price of gas to get less obnoxious.

I’d like to find a fast and convenient way to get from the northeastern part of Colorado to the southwestern part of Colorado for very brief visit, without burning the better part of a day in driving or burning through my wallet in airfares.

I’d like to somehow un-burn my tongue.

I’d like to be able to cook and dance. (Not at the same time. And now that I’ve said it, I dread the day they turn THAT into a reality TV show.)

I’d like to go somewhere new. Ireland and New Zealand are topping my “international” list, but one never knows with me.

I’d like to travel, and write, and take pictures. OK, I do those things. I’d just like to be better at doing them.

I’d like it if my credit union hadn’t become just as annoying as the banks are.

I’d like to lose 5 pounds.

I could do this all night, but it’s already getting old. What would you like?

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